Back-Up Care

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About Back-Up Care

When school closes, a nanny cancels, or an elderly relative has an emergency, your organization can suffer. A reliable back-up plan helps ensure that disruptions on the home front don’t lead to disruptions in the workplace.


For All Employee Life Stages

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New Parents

Retain new parents as they transition into new schedules and home demands.

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Parents of Schoolagers

Solve disruptive care gaps during summer break, school closures, and throughout the year.

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Employees with Senior Relatives

Address eldercare challenges with immediate help for adult dependents who live nearby and across the country.

Trust the Network

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Center-Based Care

More is what happens when children, families, and employers reach their potential. Realize yours with meaningful family care, education, and career advancement solutions designed to help people thrive at work and at home.

  • Nationwide coverage - care when and where employees need it
  • More than 3,500 high-quality centers
  • Exclusive access to Bright Horizons® locations and other top-rated centers
  • Consistency & quality: all operated or directly contracted with Bright Horizons
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In-Home Care

High-quality in-home care can be a meaningful benefit for employees who are torn between meeting work deadlines and caring for mom, dad, their child, or an injured spouse. Give your employees peace of mind and the support they need at critical moments, by making it easy for them to arrange care at virtually any location.

  • Nationwide coverage - care where and when employees need it
  • Exclusive access to Bright Horizons in-home caregivers and other top-rated providers
  • Hundreds of partner agencies that are all vetted, on-boarded and trained by Bright Horizons
  • Consistency & quality - all operated by or directly contracted with Bright Horizons
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Flexibility When You Need It

If there are situations when employees are best served finding care on their own, we make that experience simple, as well. We manage the reimbursement according to your policy, and provide your team with global reporting on all types of back-up care, so you can see the full reach and impact of your investment.

  • Flexibility to best meet employee needs
  • Simple employee experience
  • Turnkey administration and reporting

Benefits of Back-up Care

Family Care Benefits

An Employer’s Guide

No two employees are the same, and your benefits package needs to reflect that. Use this guide to learn how to select the right benefits and create a program that meets every employee’s unique needs.


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